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Building a Platform to Power the Future of Health

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Transforming the future of healthcare is a monumental task—much bigger than any one company could achieve on its own. The good news is, we have got a strong foundation to build on, and an ecosystem of customers, partners and innovators who are already taking on the challenge.

Thanks to years of healthcare digitization, led by many of our partners and industry pioneers, 96% of all hospitals and 90% of physician groups now use EHRs. And we now have an invaluable stockpile of healthcare information—approximately 2,314 exabytes of it, according to the World Economic Forum—that has the potential to drastically improve the quality and efficiency of care people receive.

As one of Innovaccer’s advisors, Dr. Steve Klasko writes in UnHealthcare, A Manifesto for Health Assurance, “This is, essentially, the iPhone moment for healthcare, a flash in time that opens up a universe of new possibilities.”

Of course, the iPhone’s meteoric rise would not have been possible without a ubiquitous, interoperable platform and iOS. When it comes to healthcare’s iPhone moment, the trouble is that troves of data are trapped in proprietary silos, disconnected from one system to the next. EHR systems were not built to aggregate, curate, and share data they were built to optimize billing. And the other systems in healthcare claims, lab, pharmacy, clinical trials, etc. have proprietary data models. None of them were built for interoperability, and most were built on architectures that are several decades old. As a result, there is a massive gap in what our doctors and nurses see, what our insurance companies see, what life sciences companies see, and we as patients see. Think about that. All that data, and almost none of it actually being used. It is fair to estimate that 99% of your healthcare data will never be used to keep you healthy … and that is the problem.

A platform to power the future of health

When you come down to it, here is what has been missing all this time: a common platform that unifies this data into a single, longitudinal patient record that allows everyone in the care ecosystem to care as one. Indeed, Deloitte’s landmark Future of Health report outlines a future that’s defined by radically interoperable data, open yet secure platforms, and consumer-driven care. More specifically, Deloitte identifies the need for data and platform infrastructure builders who will develop and manage site-less health infrastructure to link consumers and health stakeholders and set standards for platform components.

This is exactly where a health cloud comes into the picture. For instance, this can be achieved with the Innovaccer Health Cloud, a platform-as-a-service offering that delivers the pieces of the puzzle required to build the future of health, including:

  • A cloud-native data activation platform that acquires, aggregates, and normalizes clinical, claims, lab, and other healthcare data across myriad systems and settings, giving providers and other stakeholders a 360-degree view of the patients and their care journeys.
  • Flexible, configurable applications that work together seamlessly to streamline workflows and provide analytics-driven decision support to improve patient health.
  • An innovation toolkit that empowers providers, payers, partners, and innovators to work together with capabilities that support the development of interoperable third-party applications that drive patient engagement and better outcomes across the entire care journey.

In short, a health cloud provides the foundational infrastructure to form the backbone of tomorrow’s health ecosystem. And we are seeing leading organizations leverage the Innovaccer Health Cloud to bring that future to life—today:

  • Banner Health is building the future of the connected enterprise. This leading health system is using the Innovaccer Health Cloud to unify patient data across multiple systems, simplify workflows across teams, and support its population health management strategy for more than one million lives. With the Innovaccer platform, Banner is not only transforming patient care, but also driving significant savings in its IT operating expenses. Indeed, Banner has achieved $4M in savings from rationalizing various population health solutions with Innovaccer’s comprehensive suite, and a 70% reduction in IT infrastructure cost by moving to a SaaS-based model.
  • Physicians of Southwest Washington (PSW) is building the future of care management. PSW has leveraged the Innovaccer platform to integrate all aspects of care delivery, including the care management and emergency department (ED) optimization process, using a combination of Innovaccer’s application suite and third-party applications developed using the Innovaccer Health Cloud innovation toolkit. PSW has leveraged Innovaccer’s intelligent APIs to successfully obtain insights into network performance, driving a reduction of approximately 8% in ED utilization year-over-year.
  • Elevate Health is building the future of healthier communities. Elevate has leveraged the Innovaccer Health Cloud to create interoperable applications that allow them to leverage unified patient records to track the patient journey and analyze patient needs. Elevate is also using the Innovaccer Health Cloud to connect patients with community resources in real-time and help its partners successfully address critical medical and social service needs for their patients.

Enabling the next generation of moonshots for healthcare

It is one thing to aim for a moonshot for healthcare. But it is another thing entirely to enable a whole new generation of innovation. And that is exactly our goal with the Innovaccer Health Cloud. We must ensure that the future of health we build together is a connected, coordinated one that is laser-focused on generating better outcomes.

Data continues to explode at an incredible rate, and without a common platform, we risk overwhelming the system with unusable static. Today there are more than 3,000 health tech startups innovating new solutions, and more than 47,000 healthcare apps in the hands of consumers and patients.

We have to make sure that all of this innovation is turned into positive health outcomes. That has to be our shared goal for the future. Otherwise, it is all for nothing. And embracing a common cloud platform is just what our future needs.

Just imagine the possibilities.

What if every doctor, nurse, pharmacist, and care provider in the world never had to waste a single second on making sure their patient’s data was accurate and actionable?

What if we could eliminate billions of dollars of wasted money, millions of hours of wasted time, and hundreds of thousands of missed opportunities to make people healthier?

What if there were a way to make every single patient interaction result in the best possible outcome, over and over again, at a global scale and speed?

What if every new innovative healthcare idea did not have to start with the problem statement, “How will we get the data?”

What if we were able to remove any technical friction to interoperability so that technology companies and other business partners could develop applications that worked together as seamlessly as lego blocks in service of improving patient health?

What becomes possible for our people, our care providers, and our shared prosperity when we finally give doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and care providers the same digital advantages we give advertisers, investment bankers and entertainment networks?

Simply put, what if our healthcare system finally worked as a system, the way we need it to?

It is a future that wants to emerge—a future driven by the brilliance, dedication, and ingenuity of millions of healthcare innovators around the world.

And it is a future we invite you to come build with us.

To know how you can power the future of health at your organization with a health cloud, get a demo.

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Stay informed on the latest in digital health innovation and digital transformation.

The Healthcare Digital Transformation Leader

Stay informed on the latest in digital health innovation and digital transformation

The Healthcare Digital Transformation Leader

Stay informed on the latest in digital health innovation and digital transformation.