Book-The Big Unlock

The Big Unlock refers to the massive opportunity unfolding in healthcare from the digitization of patient medical records and the emerging tsunami of data from a wide range of medical and non-medical sources, especially unstructured data such as text and speech. Collectively, these data will enable the unlocking of insights for improving the quality of care, reducing costs, and creating new sources of value for healthcare providers, consumers, and technology firms. In this book, Paddy Padmanabhan offers a framework for understanding the competitive landscape of digital health solutions and a set of key principles for success in the digital health marketplace.

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The forces unlocking healthcare data
(and those that restrain it), HIMSS International conference, Las Vegas, Mar 07 2018

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Healthcare in Transition: an unprecedented opportunity, San Antonio HealthTech Bootcamp, San Antonio, May 12 2018

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Innovations in Healthcare, IIT Bay Area Leadership Conference, June 09 2018

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