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Starting this week, I am doing a series of podcast interviews with healthcare IT leaders who are now in the spotlight as key enablers of an effective response to the coronavirus pandemic. I hope our readers and listeners find the information useful.

For the coming weeks, this newsletter will focus on curating articles from credible sources that provide useful information on the coronavirus crisis. We will continue to highlight the role of technology in responding to the crisis. We will also include pieces that will guide us in adjusting to the life of social distancing in the near term to “flatten the curve.”

I borrow the subject line this week from the first ever telegraph message by Samuel F.B. Morse in 1843. Now, as then, the line is a metaphor for the ages as we focus this week’s newsletter on Coronavirus/Covid-19 and the role of technology in coping with the fallout.

As I write this, HIMSS2020 is set to proceed as scheduled, with additional precautions to prevent any possible risk of infection with the Coronavirus to the fifty thousand or so attendees. HIMSS has officially designated the event handshake-free. Read their complete update here.

Call it Prime-ary care. Amazon has launched a virtual care service for all its Seattle-based employees. The service includes text, video, and in-person care. And a “care courier” to deliver meds at home. One can assume free, same-day shipping.
In my latest podcast, Paul Black, CEO of Allscripts shares his thoughts on what it means to treat patients like consumers, the ongoing debate around patient data access and the proposed HHS ruling, and how Allscripts is embracing new technologies like cloud and voice to transform its solutions portfolio.