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Using PHI in Marketing Email Delivers Meaningful Healthcare Outcomes

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When it comes to being “with the times” with technology, the healthcare industry lags.

With a digital transformation taking place within the industry, why shouldn’t doctors, providers, and other covered entities take a play from every marketing book out there and personalize their marketing emails?

It is common knowledge that personalized emails yield higher open rates and click-through rates. By personalizing marketing emails, companies can see a 40% higher click rate than non-personalized messages. With a personalized email subject line, organizations can see a 50% higher open rate.

We should remind you that covered entities must only use HIPAA compliant email marketing solutions from companies willing to sign a business associate agreement (BAA), like Paubox Marketing. Without one, you’re setting yourself up for a HIPAA violation and a possible data breach.

So, how would including protected health information (PHI) in email marketing help your practice? Let us look at some examples.

Notify patients of test results faster

Sending test results, such as a diabetes test result or COVID-19 test result, should be quick and painless for all parties involved.

Leveraging a HIPAA compliant marketing solution like Paubox Marketing is the fastest and easiest way to notify patients of their results en masse. With Paubox Marketing, emails are delivered directly to your patient’s inbox. No passwords, portals, or plugins are required with our products.

Using smart text to auto-fill the test results for each patient makes sending test results en masse a breeze. Email is much faster and cheaper than sending traditional mail (or worse, fax!).

The faster patients receive test results, the quicker their provider can (if necessary) bring them in for follow-up exams, tests, or appointments.

Keep patients in the loop about practice changes

Sending customized mass-marketing emails letting patients know of new offerings (like updated therapy group hours or new treatments relevant to their prognosis) is good for patients and employees. It saves time and energy.

For example, Atlas Counseling, LLC uses Paubox Marketing to update patients on new small therapy groups. 75% of the therapy group’s participants signed up because they received a marketing email.

Because of the recently expanded rules and relaxed regulations around telehealth, your patients might not come into your office as often as before. That means patients will not see updates on flyers hanging in your office or receive pamphlets from staff. Sending a HIPAA-compliant marketing email is a direct, uncomplicated way to keep patients updated.

Personalize appointment reminders to decrease cancellations

Patients often schedule appointments weeks ahead of time, creating a greater chance of forgetting. When patients cancel or miss appointments, it causes headaches for staff and lost revenue.

If patients receive customized, direct email reminders a few days before their appointments, instead of an automated phone call the night before (or no reminder at all), practices will experience fewer cancellations. Add in a link to new patient documents or insurance paperwork, and patients will spend less in-person time filling out forms. 

Transform your communication, transform your practice

As the digital transformation continues in healthcare, your practice or organization cannot afford to be left behind. Personalizing email marketing helps you engage with your patients in a modern way. More frequent, personalized communication yields better results for both patients and doctors.

Utilizing a HIPAA-compliant marketing solution can lead to great things for your practice. Paubox Marketing is a HIPAA compliant solution that makes the day-to-day life of your practice easier. Our HITRUST CSF-certified products come with a BAA included.

About the author

Hoala Greevy, Founder CEO, Paubox

Hoala Greevy, Founder CEO, Paubox

Hoala has 21 years of experience in the email industry, dating back to his first job out of college at Critical Path in San Francisco in 1999. Prior to founding Paubox, Hoala founded Pau Spam in 2002 in Honolulu. It was Hawaii's first commercial email filter and was likely the first cloud SaaS company in Hawaii. Hoala is an avid kayak fisherman, having caught two blue marlins from his Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro.

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Stay informed on the latest in digital health innovation and digital transformation.

The Healthcare Digital Transformation Leader

Stay informed on the latest in digital health innovation and digital transformation

The Healthcare Digital Transformation Leader

Stay informed on the latest in digital health innovation and digital transformation.