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The Big Unlock Health – A Healthcare Digital Transformation Podcast

Stay up to date on current trends in healthcare’s digital transformation. Featuring C-suite executives from the healthcare and technology sectors, podcast host Paddy Padmanabhan discusses how they are driving digital health innovation and leveraging emerging healthcare technologies to create improved patient experiences.

About the host

Paddy Padmanabhan is a widely published and quoted thought leader on digital transformation in healthcare. He is the author of  The Big Unlock: Harnessing Data and Growing Digital Health Businesses in a Value-Based Care Era, and the CEO of Damo Consulting Inc, a digital transformation and growth advisory firm based in Chicago.

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Dr. Peter Tippett

Episode #35: “We give hospitals the ability to quickly and securely send patient records to outside clinicians”

In this episode, Dr. Peter Tippett, a pioneer in developing commercial antivirus software, discusses how careMESH is providing easy and secure communication and collaboration between clinicians locally to share digital patient records. Peter also discusses the issues related to information security in healthcare.

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Seth Hain and Sean Bina

Episode #34: “We essentially see ourselves as stewards helping clients manage their data”

In this episode, Seth Hain, Vice President of R&D and Sean Bina, Vice President of Access and Patient Engagement at Epic discuss the next wave of opportunities for Epic and how the company has evolved by focusing on patient experience and advanced analytics.

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Mudit Garg

Episode #33: “Digital medicine is just medicine”

In this episode, Daniel Barchi discusses the current state of digital transformation in healthcare, their goal to bring cutting-edge technology, and focus on delivering outstanding patient care.

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Mudit Garg

Episode #32: “AI predictions need a thoughtfully designed closed-loop to drive action”

In this episode, Mudit Garg discusses the evolution of Qventus and how they are applying AI to help hospitals and health systems in managing their operations with real-time predictions for improved care delivery.

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Graham Gardner

Episode #31: “Even the small hospitals really do want to enable a modern consumer web experience today”

In this episode, Graham Gardner discusses how his company, Kyruus, targets patient access issues in health systems. Inspired by the Moneyball concept, Kyruus uses advanced analytics to understand patient needs and put the right providers “to bat” where they are most likely to do well, thereby reducing or eliminating variations in the quality of care.

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Leah sparks

Episode #30: “Health systems and plans are now willing to take a leap of faith for digital patient experiences”

In this episode, Leah Sparks discusses how she founded Wildflower Health in 2012 as a digital health platform to help women in their pregnancies, after experiencing the difficulties of navigating the healthcare system during her first pregnancy.

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Steve Miff

Episode #29: “Health begins where we live, work, play, pray.”

In this episode, Steve Miff discusses how Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation (PCCI), a non-profit organization, has developed advanced machine learning algorithms to understand the role of social determinants of health in vulnerable and under-served communities.

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David J Quirke

Episode #28: “Successful organizations put patients first and everything else follows”

In this episode, David Quirke, Chief Information Officer at Inova Health System, discusses his new role, their technology environment, high-level priorities, and the mission to provide world-class healthcare with every patient interaction.

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John Glaser

Episode #27: “The healthcare industry is going through an amazing change in business models”

In this episode, John Glaser discusses EHR systems at length, the burden on physicians from poor design and workflows, the opportunities to advance data interoperability in the near term, and the confusing landscape around information blocking legislation.

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Nader Mherabi

Episode #26: “We don’t want to improve patient experience at the expense of the clinician experience”

In this episode, Nader talks about digital transformation and its current state in the healthcare delivery space.

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Edward W.Marx

Episode #25: “If you’re a traditional CIO with a traditional mindset, you’re going to be disrupted.”

In this special 25th episode, Ed Marx discusses his personal experience with two major health events over the past twelve months, and how information technology played an important role in both events.

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Giovanni Monti

Episode #24: “Consumers are looking for convenient, price-transparent solutions to manage their healthcare.”

In this episode, Giovanni Monti discusses his current role and how the digital healthcare innovation group at Walgreens is focused on bringing new and sustainable innovative solutions to consumers.

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Dr. Sylvia Romm

Episode #23: “Digital transformation is not just about digitizing and automating workflow”

In this episode, Sylvia Romm discusses her role as the Chief Innovation Officer at Atlantic Health System and how her prior experience in pioneering telehealth adoption influences her views on digital transformation.

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Dr. Karen Murphy

Episode #22: “We need to be cautious in the use of technology to prevent increase in total costs of care”

In this episode, Karen Murphy discusses her role as the first Chief Innovation Officer and the Founding Director of the Steele Institute for Health Innovation at Geisinger, and how they are working towards lowering the costs and improving quality for the overall welfare of members and patients.

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Episode #21: “We’re trying to fundamentally drive an improved healthcare model in the market”

In this episode, Tom Grote discusses how Aetna and Banner Health’s relationship evolved from an ACO into a new commercial joint venture – Banner|Aetna – and how with a shared vision they are improving the primary care model to transform the healthcare market in Arizona.

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Aaron Martin

Episode #20: “Our mission is to move consumers from an offline to an online relationship”

In this episode, Aaron Martin discusses his role and responsibilities as the Chief Digital Officer of Providence St. Joseph Health, and covers a wide range of topics including patient engagement, the innovation model they follow, and the portfolio of digital health startups that he manages as the head of Providence Ventures.

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Manu Tandon

Episode #19: “Digital innovation is an applied science”

In this episode, Manu Tandon discusses how Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a Harvard Medical School-affiliated academic medical center, is working towards their mission to bring in innovations that are happening outside of healthcare.

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John D. Halamka

Episode #18: “Digital transformation: Our trajectory is good, our position is imperfect.”

In this episode, health IT veteran John Halamka discusses how the Health Technology Exploration Center, incubated within Beth Israel Lahey Health, is testing emerging technologies in the digital health innovation ecosystem.

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Mike McSherry

Episode #17: “Digital health solutions should be ‘doctor prescribed’”

In this episode, Mike McSherry discusses how Xealth is helping hospital systems deploy digital health solutions at scale and making the solutions easily consumable for patients and caregivers.

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John Sculley

Episode #16: “Healthcare is not a winner-take-all industry”

In this episode, John Sculley discusses how there are opportunities for many companies in healthcare to innovate and disrupt.

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Neil Gomes

Episode #15: “Think big. Start small. Scale fast.”

In this episode, Neil Gomes discusses how Jefferson Health is generating value for the institution and consumers by anticipating consumer needs and providing superior digital experiences.

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john kravitz

Episode #14: “We are standardizing our platforms to be more efficient and cost-effective”

In this episode, John Kravitz discusses how Geisinger is standardizing their platforms to be more efficient and cost-effective.

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dwight raum

Episode #13: “Digital is the marriage of new technologies with traditional technologies”

In this episode, Dwight Raum discusses digital transformation, precision medicine, and big data at Johns Hopkins.

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Episode #12: “We’re empowering our members with data and transparency.”

In this episode, Colt Courtright discusses how Premera Blue Cross is empowering its members and providers with data and transparency.

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Episode #11: “Innovation is everyone’s responsibility”

In this episode, Ed Marx discusses how innovation is not just for the select few but is everyone’s responsibility. He also discusses his recently released book, Voices of Innovation, a collection of over 40 essays by practitioners of innovation in healthcare.

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Dr.Toby Cosgrove

Episode #10: We are in a continuum of change in healthcare, augmented by emerging technologies.

In this episode, Dr. Toby Cosgrove discusses how healthcare is driving increasingly into value and that health systems must deliver it by keeping costs under control and improving the quality of care.

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David chou

Episode #9: Digital is becoming a cost of entry now for pharma companies

In this episode, Greg Silvesti, Head of Digital Health and Innovation at AbbVie, discusses on how digital is becoming a cost of entry now for pharma companies.

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David chou

Episode #8: Digital is not about magically transforming experiences with technology

In this episode, David Chou discusses what digital means for him, what he considers the key focus areas for digital transformation, and how he is delivering improved patient and caregiver experiences at Children’s Mercy Kansas City.

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Episode #7: “Data is the coin of the realm today” with Dr. L. Patrick James, Chief Clinical Officer of Quest Diagnostics

In this episode, Dr. L. Patrick James, Chief Clinical Officer of Quest Diagnostics, on the findings of their third annual survey on the shift towards value-based care.

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Episode #6: “Ethical data use is not just about minimum compliance” with Sheila Colclasure, Global Chief Data Ethics Officer of Acxiom

In this episode, Sheila Colclasure, Global Chief Data Ethics Officer, Acxiom, on how ethical data use is not just about minimum compliance but also about being “just” and “fair”.

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Albert chan

Episode #5: “Everyone needs a digital wingman” with Dr. Albert Chan, Chief of Digital Patient Experience, Sutter Health

In this episode, Dr. Albert Chan, Chief of Digital Patient Experience, Sutter Health, talks to us about how it is not about digital for digital’s sake, but about opportunities to enhance the experience for patients.

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Episode #4: Blockchain can solve the two big problems for healthcare today

In this episode, Lidia Fonseca, SVP & CIO of Quest Diagnostics, talk about how blockchain can solve the two big problems for healthcare today

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Episode #3: ABILITY Network gives us dramatically expanded reach, and helps us improve efficiencies and scale

In this episode, Dr. Keith Dunleavy, Chairman and CEO of Inovalon, talks to us about their recent acquisition, data and analytics, and Inovalon’s growth strategy in 2018 and beyond.

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Episode #2: No Regrets Strategy : the Road to Value-based Care

In this episode, Neal Singh, CEO at Caradigm discusses data, analytics, and population health management.

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Edward W. Marx

Episode #1: “Patient first” with Ed Marx and Chris Donovan of Cleveland Clinic

In this episode, Ed Marx, CIO and Chris Donovan, Executive Director of Enterprise Information Management & Analytics at Cleveland Clinic discuss how the Clinic operates on the mantra of putting patients at the center of analytics and IT-led innovation programs.

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