Season 3: Episode #80

Podcast with Kash Patel, VP and Chief Digital Technology Officer, Penn Medicine

"The hard part isn’t the technology piece but making sure the experience is right enough for patient engagement"

paddy Hosted by Paddy Padmanabhan

In this episode, Kash Patel discusses his role as the Chief Digital Technology Officer at Penn Medicine and provides an overview of their digital transformation initiatives covering all aspects of the institution, including research, academic programs, and patient engagement.

According to Kash, the hard part with digital transformation is not necessarily implementing technology but ensuring the patient experience is seamless with the technology and they feel positive about it.

While making technology choices, Penn Medicine’s first and foremost preference is to make the maximum use of their existing EHR infrastructure. Kash also describes the governance process that includes their leadership and subject matter experts to make technology decisions about newer digital tools and platforms. Take a listen.

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Show Notes

05:04We are creating a roadmap for the journey to digitize our research platform that allows us to do all the prejudgments of the clinical trials, human subject trials, and ultimately manufacturing.
10:40The hard part wasn't the technology piece, but making sure that experience was correct and right enough for engagement.
11:03 We bring a lot of technology to the table and figure out what is the level of detail that a patient will tolerate, adhere to, engage with and feel positive about the experience.

About our guest

Kash Patel is the Vice President and Chief Digital Technology Officer at Penn Medicine. Kash has over 20 years’ experience in technology leadership ranging from startups to multi-national corporations and is a seasoned leader in healthcare with a strong focus on innovation and building great teams.

At Penn Medicine, Kash is leading the world class Pearlman School of Medicine Information Technology team. He supports the areas of research, clinical trials, manufacturing high performance computing, informatics, genomic science and many others. In addition, Kash is responsible for all of bespoke software development.

The team has been credited with several innovations that are streaming the complex business of healthcare. In 2020 there is a large focus on COVID-19 activities, working with Microsoft, Google and Apple to develop novel solutions that reflect Penn Medicine’s outstanding reputation.

After graduating in engineering from Sheffield in the UK, Kash gained valuable experience in building business driven software solutions in various industries. His earlier career started in consulting in the UK. He has managed global delivery teams for fortune 100 companies and started a new venture that created leading edge communications technologies.

In healthcare, Kash was the vice president for population health and analytics at Mount Sinai Health System where he led the technology strategy to support the institutions business shift from fee for service to assuming more risk. In addition, Kash was the IT lead for Mount Sinai’s New York DSRIP Program, involving over 250 partners led by Mount Sinai with over a $100M technology investment plan. He also managed health systems analytics and data engineering functions where he developed analytics as a service using advanced technologies.

About the host

Paddy is the co-author of Healthcare Digital Transformation – How Consumerism, Technology and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future (Taylor & Francis, Aug 2020), along with Edward W. Marx. Paddy is also the author of the best-selling book The Big Unlock – Harnessing Data and Growing Digital Health Businesses in a Value-based Care Era (Archway Publishing, 2017). He is the host of the highly subscribed The Big Unlock podcast on digital transformation in healthcare featuring C-level executives from the healthcare and technology sectors. He is widely published and has a by-lined column in CIO Magazine and other respected industry publications.

The Healthcare Digital Transformation Leader

Stay informed on the latest in digital health innovation and digital transformation.

The Healthcare Digital Transformation Leader

Stay informed on the latest in digital health innovation and digital transformation

The Healthcare Digital Transformation Leader

Stay informed on the latest in digital health innovation and digital transformation.