Digital health solutions should be “doctor prescribed”

In this episode, Mike McSherry discusses how Xealth is helping hospital systems deploy digital health solutions at scale and making the solutions easily consumable for patients and caregivers.

Clinicians need a “digital formulary” that they can easily prescribe to patients. However, there are significant challenges in onboarding, integrating, and implementing digital health solutions at scale. Xealth attempts to address these challenges through a cloud-based “plug-in” that operates within EHR systems. Xealth, which was incubated within Providence St. Joseph and spun out recently, just completed a $14 million funding round with strategic investors such as Cleveland Clinic to help develop the platform and drive growth.

Digital health startups often struggle to gain traction, partly due to the lack of a reimbursement model. Mike, a successful serial entrepreneur, advises digital health startup founders to pay attention to who is paying for the solutions and work closely with providers to help build scalable solutions of the future.